Modular Data Protection Services

SPI is key to our channel strategy.   Their shared risk model, allows us to differentiate our channel program, and ensure that we see revenue returned from our relationships with our partners.   SPI’s cost effective turnkey sales system has increased our RaaS pipeline by 50% over the last 3 months. – Eric Strong, President, Modular Data Protection Services


SPI has helped us fill the gap. They were able to identify new business for us and open doors with companies that had no previous relationship with us. Most importantly, their warm transfer of the prospect made it easy for us to engage them in a sales conversation

- Steve Sabean, President, Goenergy


The SPI / Clarity Plus revenue workshops truly helped us understand the sales process.   Having hired salespeople in the past, unsuccessfully, Rob and Frank helped us realize that creating revenue is a process.   It can’t be solved simply by hiring someone.   As a result, we were able to capture our value in a simple and concise message, leverage that to stop chasing the wrong prospects, and ensure that our services were priced to showcase our value.  Overall it was a great learning experience. – Stephen Simmons, President, TNG Networks