First observation

Sales Professionals International has its roots in Rob’s experience in sales execution and Frank's experience in sales strategy.  Medium businesses started by entrepreneurs have great products and ideas.  They find that on key customers to buy their idea or product, and then through a series of referrals they have a business.  Now the decision, do we grow the businesses or maintain it.  To grow the business means selling!  This is where the challenge lies.   Most entrepreneurs don't know how to sell neither do they want to so they hire that super sales person and it flops.   They have to start over.  Why because sales is a process not a person. 

This gave Rob the idea – “What if these companies could rent the sales systems, processes and skills they needed?”

Second Observation

Rob’s experience in the staffing industry led him to the belief that there were many professionals that had spent many years running the home to work and work to home rat race.   They had great sales skill and they wanted a better balance in life.   They wanted an opportunity to work from home and still make a good income.   

The connection

That’s where we came up with the idea, “What if we could connect the entrepreneurs with the sales professionals?”  That’s how Sales Professionals International was born.