Market Validation Program - MVP

Every sales initiative starts with a strategy and with assumptions about the market.   How do you determine if the market is going to be receptive to your message?  Well you have to take it to market and hone it.  That is why we put in place our MVP offering.    It’s a way to manage the risk of taking a new offering to market.   

Why would you need an MVP?

•    Do you know how many prospects you need to talk to in order to find interested buyers?
•    How many times do you have to connect to them to get in the door?
•    Is there real interest in what you are selling?   Who is interested?

How it works?

We will turn on our Sales as a Service offering for 90 days and our team of sales professionals will take your offering to market and validate:
•    The message
•    The interest level of the key decision makers
•    The perceived value
•    Identify the missing elements of your sales process
•    Selling Ratios
•    If possible, closing ratios