Clarity Starts with Understanding

  • What is your Single Overriding Communications Objective (SOCO)?  

  • Do you know? 

  • Why should you know? 

In order to get Clarity for the sales process we have to understand what you are good at and what VALUE you provide to your customers.   Here is some insight – your customers don’t care about your product or service.   They care about what it does for them.  So, when you talk to prospects, do you pitch them with your best product or service?  How is it working for you?  Do they understand why they should talk to you? 

For Sales to be effective, we have to create a single message that eliminates the prospects that don’t want your stuff, and qualifies those that do.   This message is your SOCO and it is the linchpin to creating revenue for your business. The SOCO reveals to the prospect the value you provide and quickly creates buying signals that open the door to a sale.  More importantly the SOCO eliminates the prospects that will not buy.   The magic - You're sales force spend time with real prospects and your revenue goes up and your cost of sales goes down. 

Once we help you define your SOCO, all else follows.    It will reveal your market, how your product should be structured and priced, and finally align the buying process with your selling process. 

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