Sales as a Service (SaaS)

If you are like most entrepreneurs you have come up with a great idea, and unlike the general public, you have acted on it.  This is the key difference between you and the rest.    Having launched your venture, you have had success.   You have leveraged your network, and increased your sales.   Wonderful!   You now have decided to take your business to the next level – but.......

  • Who do you call?  Sales as a Service
  • How do you find the new customers?  
  • Where do you find new customers?

You're busy....  so you hire a salesperson give them a phone, a cubicle, a business card and a quota.  

  • Who is going to manage them?  How do you manage them?   Do you want to manage them?

Six months later they quit or you fire them.  

  • How much did that cost you?

What if there was a cost effective alternative to hiring sales people that eliminates all the headaches and lowers your risk? 

SPI provides a cost effective alternative to hiring a sales team.  Whether you need to hunt for new business, closed existing pipeline or do both.   There is a science, method and process to sales.    Contact us to find out more.